Astronaut Max Mutzke wins the grand finale of "The Masked Singer" at MMC Studios

ProSieben shoots to new heights with astronaut Max Mutzke! "The Masked Singer" crowns the first season with a glittering finale at MMC Studio 53 in Cologne and a heavenly Rate of 38.5 percent Market share (viewers aged 14-49).

A galactic 54.0 percent watch live the moment when the astronaut transforms into Max Mutzke. In the overall audience (from 3 years), the market share is 20.0 percent. A total of 4.34 million viewers watched the final show of "The Masked Singer," produced by EndemolShine Germany, an increase of 1.18 million over the previous week (3.16 million).

The Star and lifestyle magazine "red.which is also live from the MMC Studios was broadcast, enthusiastic in the aftermath and increased his Annual best by 8.7 percent to outstanding 28.2 percent Market share (14-49 years).

Astronaut Max Mutzke wins "The Masked Singer

Collective goose bumps: The astronaut has been enchanting viewers with his incredible voice since the start of "The Masked Singer," getting the most votes in the finale and winning the first season of the hit ProSieben show. Under the helmet in the glitter space suit is singer Max Mutzke! In a revealing finale, he gets the most encouragement after three rounds of singing and is allowed to take off his mask as the last undercover singer.

The monster Susi Kentikian on stage at MMC Studio 53
The monster Susi Kentikian on stage at MMC Studio 53. © ProSieben/Julia Feldhagen

Previously, the kudu Daniel Aminati, the monster Susi Kentikian, the angel Bulent Ceylan and the grasshopper Gil Ofarim unveiled.

Missed an episode?

No problem! All "The Masked Singer" episodes are available at any time on Joyn look up and sixx always shows the current issue directly one day after it airs, on Fridays, at 8:15 pm.

The game goes on!

"The Masked Singer" fans can already look forward to: 2020 ProSieben sends the singing quiz show into a new round - with new masks and new stars, for new puzzling fun.

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Cover photo: Max Mutzke wins The Masked Singer 2019. © ProSieben/Julia Feldhagen