Sarah Lombardi wins the grand finale of "Dancing on Ice" at MMC Studios

Sarah Lombardi cures her exertions of the past months and prevails over John Kelly and Sarina Nowak in the grand finale of "Dancing on Ice" on Sunday evening, February 10, 2019.

With her two ice dance performances, she convinces the SAT.1 viewers as well as the judges Katarina Witt, Judith Williams, Daniel Weiss and Cale Kalay and receives the full jury score of 40 points each in her two routines. John Kelly takes second place with his routines, Sarina Nowak comes third in "Dancing on Ice".

For the primetime show, which was broadcast live from MMC Studio 52 in Cologne, MMC was responsible for the complete technical TV production, set design, and decoration and stage construction on behalf of ITV Studios Germany.

Photo: Joti Polizoakis and Sarah Lombardi. Credit: SAT.1/Willi Weber