Actors' duel at "Thingamabob" at MMC Studios

In the tenth episode of "Thingy" on December 7, actors try to Antoine Monot Jr. and his partner Stefanie Sick their guess luck against the old friends Fabian Harloff and Patrick Bach.

Presenter and actress Stefanie Sick feels well prepared because of her own children: "I have three children and at almost every age you ask yourself, 'What's it all about? What do they really want?' There are so many funny things that kids say - it's great!"

Fabian Harloff and Patrick Bach have known each other for years and have already thrilled an audience of millions on television as children with "TKKG" or "Silas. In "Dingda," they rely on spontaneity: "You have to come up with the right idea at the right time," says Fabian Harloff.

Why Antoine Monot Jr. has recently started working as a carpenter and what card game got Fabian Harloff and Patrick Bach into each other's hair when they were five years old, they reveal. on Friday, December 7, at 6:50 p.m. on the German public broadcaster Ersten at "Thingy".

"Thingamabob" offers a mixture of game, entertainment and celebrity talk. Two teams of celebrities compete against each other and have to guess terms over several rounds, which are explained by children in films.

Highlight of the quiz are the "Thing" kids aged four to eight, who paraphrase a wide variety of terms with their words - not always understandable to everyone, but always original and hilarious.

The celebrity team that has accumulated the most points at the end of the show wins and donates the winnings to charity.

Moderator Mareile Höppner is thrilled with the concept: "The stars of "Thing" are, of course, the children. I'm delighted to present this classic of TV history in a great contemporary form. "Thingy" is a wonderful mix of funny interludes, thrills at the guessing desk and talks with celebrity guests about their very personal childhood memories."

"Dingsda" is produced by UFA SHOW & FACTUAL on behalf of ARD advertising and ARD; editorial leadership is provided by Bayerischer Rundfunk.

The MMC Studios have been commissioned by UFA SHOW & FACTUAL for the Set design, the Set construction and the technical production of the shows.

"Dingsda" with Mareile Höppner always on Fridays at 6:50 p.m. on Ersten.

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Photo: Presenter Mareile Höppner (m.) with the two celebrity teams: Antoine Monot Jr. (l.) and Stefanie Sick (2nd from left), as well as Fabian Harloff (2nd from right) and Patrick Bach (r.). © ARD/Max Kohr