Curtain up for the second round of Super Toy Club!

From Friday, September 21 at 19:45SUPER RTL always shows on Fridays and Saturdays a total of 15 new episodes of Super Toy Club from MMC Studios.

Children all over Germany had been waiting for this for years, and last year the time had finally come. The acclaimed comeback of the Super Toy Club was more than successful.

Thrilling duels, a host whom viewers and candidates immediately took to their hearts, a show concept that invites families to join in the excitement in front of the TV. After the first episodes aired, host Florian "Flommander" Ambrosius and SUPER RTL could hardly keep themselves busy with requests (over 7,000 team entries), now the classic returns with brand new episodes.

The legendary game principle remains unchanged: In the new episodes, too, four boys compete against four girls. For the show itself, SUPER RTL has put in an enormous amount of effort and several new game adaptations developed. These include Quadropia (based on the classic "4 wins"), Balla Balla, Chrono Bomb and Dr. Bibber.

Accompanied by the Flommander, the teams compete in a total of four rounds. The winners can look forward to the Super Toy Race, probably the most iconic prize on German children's television. After the show, they have the opportunity to fill a shopping cart with toys as they please - albeit for a limited time.

"Super Toy Club" will be held in the MMC Studio 37 recorded in Cologne. MMC Studios is responsible for the entire production on behalf of UFA SHOW & FACTUAL. technical production, the Postproduction, as well as the Design and the Construction of the studio set and the games.

Photo: © Frank Hempel/SUPER RTL