"Masters of Dance" at MMC Studios

Nikeata Thompson, Julien Bam, Vartan Bassil and Dirk Heidemann are looking for Germany's best dancers.

Every dance could be the last! In the new ProSieben dance show "Masters of Dance Search choreographer Nikeata Thompson, youtube megastar Julien Bam, Flying Steps chief Vartan Bassil and world champion dance coach Dirk Heidemann Germany's best dancers. Rebecca Mir (photo) and Thore Schölermann host the show.

In the "Masters of Dance" show, dance talents compete against each other in different styles and in direct comparison. The goal: to win over at least one of the four dance masters and move into his company.

Who will convince the Dance Masters and make it into the crew of Nikeata Thompson, Julien Bam, Vartan Bassil or Dirk Heidemann?

During the "auditions", the four experienced dance masters compete for the best dance talents and put together their personal dance crews. They then go head-to-head and their dance companies compete in different dance styles - from contemporary, ballet, Latin, hip-hop or standard to jazz - and direct dance duels.

Who shows the most spectacular moves? Which master has developed the best choreography? And which dancer inspires the audience the most?

Masters of Dance" will be produced by Tresor TV in Cologne from fall 2018.

Tickets for the shows in the Cologne MMC Studios is available under www.tvtickets.de.

The broadcast is planned for 2019.

Photo: Rebecca Mir © ProSieben/Martin Saumweber