Starting August 25, Janin Ullmann and Christian Düren present the new show series "Time Battle" on ProSieben

From August, it's showtime every Saturday on ProSieben! From 25 August 2018 it's four times in a row: first sweat, then quiz. Janin Ullmann and Christian Düren present the new ProSieben show series "Time Battle - Fight for your time„.

Time is money! In the new game quiz show "Time Battle - Fight for your time", skill, concentration, stamina and nerves of steel are needed before brains come into play. Who pedals the fastest, who shows ball feeling, who proves a steady hand?

In each round, time must first be won in a game, in which a quiz task must then be solved. Up to five rounds are played.

The candidates compete in teams of two and decide before each round of the game who will contest the time task and who the thinking task. The two best teams of the evening compete against each other in the grand final for the main prize of 50,000 euros.

The show is produced by UFA Show & Factual in the MMC Studios in Cologne.

Janin Ullmann: "The pace of 'Time Battle' is insanely fast. It can happen that the candidates answer the very first quiz question incorrectly and are out immediately. To take home the 50,000 euros at the end, the battle teams not only have to be smart and fit, they also have to be able to withstand time pressure. My moderation partner Christian Düren and I would certainly have a good chance of surviving a few rounds of 'Time Battle', because we are very different and would complement each other well for that very reason."

Christian Düren: "The optimal candidate team for 'Time Battle' is people who know each other very well - their strengths and weaknesses. What counts in the end is the interaction between the candidates. Just like with us presenters: Janin is responsible for everything that takes place in the head, and I'm responsible for all the sporting activities."

"Time Battle - Fight for Your Time" - four episodes, starting August 25, 2018, 8:15 p.m.

Show hashtag: #TimeBattle

Photo: Janin Ullmann and Christian Düren present the new ProSieben show series 'Time Battle - Kämpf um Deine Zeit'. © ProSieben/Willi Weber