"Genial daneben - Das Quiz" from MMC Studios premieres on July 16 on SAT.1

SAT.1 starts on July 16, 2018 its new early-evening program. The comedy quiz show "Genial daneben - Das Quiz" is celebrating at 19:00 their premiere.

Hugo Egon Balder, Hella von Sinnen, Wigald Boning and numerous guest stars detach from Monday till Friday The audience will be asked bizarre, colorful and interesting questions in the studio - to help them guess and laugh along. Whoever manages to lead the celebrities up the garden path has the chance to win 5,000 euros at the end.

"Genial daneben - Das Quiz" is produced by Constantin Entertainment.

Tickets for the recordings in the MMC Studios is available at the TV Ticket Service.

Photo: "Genial Daneben - Das Quiz" with Wigald Boning, Hella von Sinnen and Hugo Egon Balder. ┬ęSAT.1/Willi Weber