Udo Jürgens musical "I've Never Been to New York" to be filmed at MMC Studios

Philipp Stölzl ("Der Medicus") is filming the musical "Ich war noch niemals in New York": Following its million-dollar success on German stages, the play is now being adapted for the big screen as a major production by UFA FICTION, ZIEGLER FILM, MYTHOS FILM, GRAF FILM and UNIVERSAL PICTURES PRODUCTIONS.

With Heike Makatsch, Moritz Bleibtreu, Katharina Thalbach, Michael Ostrowski, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Pasquale Aleardi and Marlon Schramm a great cast could be won for the charming music film with the 20 most popular Udo Jürgens songs.

About the content:
For Lisa Wartberg (Heike Makatsch), a TV presenter who is spoiled for success and single, her show comes first. But then her mother Maria (Katharina Thalbach) loses her memory after an accident, is hospitalized and can only remember one thing: she has never been to New York! On short notice, Maria flees and smuggles herself aboard a luxurious cruise ship as a stowaway.

Together with her make-up artist Fred (Michael Ostrowski), Lisa sets off in search of her mother and actually tracks her down on the "MS Maximiliane". But before they can get Maria off the ship, the ocean liner sets sail and the three find themselves on an involuntary journey across the Atlantic.

Lisa meets Axel Staudach (Moritz Bleibtreu) and his son Florian (Marlon Schramm) on board. Axel is not Lisa's type at all, but through a series of unfortunate mishaps the two eventually become closer... Mother Maria meets one-dancer Otto (Uwe Ochsenknecht), who claims to have a common past with her - which Maria, of course, cannot verify due to her lack of memory. And Fred falls head over heels in love with the Greek on-board magician Costa (Pasquale Aleardi).

So goes the turbulent ship voyage - with finding and losing love several times and lots of surprises - to New York.

The script to I'VE NEVER BEEN TO NEW YORK was written by Alexander Dydyna, script co-writer is Philipp Stölzl, for the script collaboration draws Jan Berger responsible for the script Polishing Karsten Dusse. Directed by Philipp Stölzl, for the Camera Draws Thomas W. Kiennast responsible.

Producers from I'VE NEVER BEEN TO NEW YORK are Regina Ziegler (Ziegler Film), Sebastian Werninger and Nico Hofmann (UFA FICTION) and Christoph miller (Mythos Film), co-producers are Klaus Graf (Graf Film), Freddy Burger and Universal Pictures Productions.

Promoted I'VE NEVER BEEN TO NEW YORK by the Film and Media Foundation NRW, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, MFG Filmförderung, FFA Filmförderungsanstalt and the German Federal Film Fund.

Shooting starts at the end of April, filming is taking place in the Cologne MMC Studios, Berlin, Brandenburg and Sofia.

ICH WAR NOCH NIEMALS IN NEW YORK, based on the hit musical by Stage Entertainment, will be presented in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Universal Pictures International Germany brought to the cinemas.

The Cinema release of I'VE NEVER BEEN TO NEW YORK is for Fall 2019 planned.

Statements on the film adaptation:

Philipp Stölzl, Director: "I started in theater as a very young person, then traveled the world as a music video director, and finally landed in feature films and opera. The filming of 'I've Never Been to New York' is now a chance for me to merge everything I've learned and everything that excites me as an artist into a single project. Once in a lifetime! I also feel that reviving a genre like the music film, which has been totally forgotten in Germany, is a wonderful venture and a great challenge. I'm looking forward to it!"

Regina Ziegler, Producer and Managing Director Ziegler Film: "When I was allowed to film Udo Jürgens' family novel "The Man with the Bassoon" in 2010 and furthermore got to know the wonderful person and outstanding musician Udo Jürgens, it was quickly clear to me even then that I wanted to bring Udo's hit musical "I've Never Been to New York" to the big screen. The fact that we are now starting this makes me very proud and happy. I am particularly pleased that Udo Jürgens' long-time manager, Freddy Burger, is also involved in the production as a co-producer. Together with experienced partners such as UFA Fiction, Graf Film and Universal Pictures International, we are bringing the film version of Stage's hit musical to the cinema. Udo Jürgens trusted me back then with the filming of the family novel. Now I trust his music. Now I finally want to go to New York and hope for many to experience the journey in the cinema."

Sebastian Werninger, Producer and Managing Director UFA FICTION and Nico Hofmann, Producer and CEO UFA: "After the sensational success of 'Der Medicus', we are very excited to continue our collaboration with director Philipp Stölzl and Universal Pictures. Together with Philipp Stölzl, who is at home in the most diverse genres like no other and has a high affinity for musical productions, his creative team and a great cast, we are embarking on a new exciting journey into the world of musical films. We can't think of anyone better who could congenially bring the work of Udo Jürgens with his unforgotten songs to the big screen. We are also very pleased to be working on this project with Regina Ziegler, whose work we value beyond measure and with whom we have a long-standing friendship."

Paul Steinschulte, General Manager Universal Pictures Int. Germany: "This lively, musical comedy promises good humor and cross-generational best entertainment. With its special mix of lightness, charm, humor, thoughtful moments and the terrific hits of Udo Jürgens, ICH WAR NOCH NIEMALS IN NEW YORK is well on its way to becoming an outstanding cinema event. We look forward to an exciting journey to New York together!"

Christoph Müller, producer Mythos Film: "Extremely pleased that this absolutely exceptional film project with so many calibers of directors, actors and producers is now being realized."