Standing ovation for MMC Movies co-production THE MILAN PROTOCOL

World premiere as part of the 66th Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival.

Director and screenwriter Peter Ott came to Heidelberg with a large team for the world premiere of "Das Milan Protokoll" (theatrical release: January 18, 2018, distributed by Realfiction).

His gripping plot mesh of the conflicting political interests of various groups and actors in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq was met with intense applause, as the director takes moviegoers to places most know only superficially from the news. Peter Ott and his team were on location and filmed only a few kilometers away from the IS. The traditional talk after the screening was correspondingly exciting.

"The situation in northern Iraq is really no different from the rest of the world," Peter Ott said in the analysis. "Older men want to keep their privileges and this struggle is fought over resources. The only difference between this and Germany is the issue of protocol."

"The filming location is now occupied by the Northern Iraqi Army," says producer Mehmet Aktas. "We don't know what the political situation there will be."

THE MILAN PROTOCOL: Team and audience celebrate lead actor Christoph Bach.
THE MILAN PROTOCOL: The IFFMH team and audience celebrate leading actor Christoph Bach (back). / Photo: Festival

Repeat performances:

Monday, November 13 / 19:00 - Kino im Stadthaus II / Mannheim
Tuesday, November 14 / 20:00 - Cinema I / Heidelberg
Wednesday, November 15 / 16:00 - Kino im Stadthaus I / Mannheim

THE MILAN PROTOCOL is a production of mîtosfilm in co-production with WDR, HR/ARTE, MMC Movies Cologne, supported by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and the DFFF.

The film was shot on original locations in the border area between northern Iraq and Syria and in the MMC Studios shot in Cologne.

Theatrical release is January 18, 2018, distributed by Realfiction.

About the content:
The German doctor Martina works in the Kurdish region in Iraq on the border to the "Islamic State". She has contacts with the Kurdish units in Syria and regularly travels across the border to treat fighters. During one of these border trips, Martina is kidnapped by a Sunni group because they suspect a weapons transport. Although the group is affiliated with IS, it also pursues its own interests and conceals the valuable captive from IS. The BND intervenes and the involvement becomes more and more opaque.

Does Martina have anything to do with the weapons transport? Which side is she on? Who can she trust? The thriller unfolds a suspenseful, dense plot mesh of the conflicting political interests of the various groups and actors.

Photo: THE MILAN PREOTOKOLL: Director and screenwriter Peter Ott with team and festival director Dr. Michael Kötz. / Photo: Festival