Now comes "Grill den Profi" - 8 new episodes of the cooking show from MMC Studios in the fall on VOX

After the farewell of "Grill den Henssler" cooking with Steffen Henssler at VOX also in autumn 2017 Emotions and pots over. Because then venture into "Grill the professional" even Eight celebrity chefs in the cooking battle between David and Goliath.

Roland Trettl, Christian Lohse, Alexander Kumptner, Ali Güngörmüs, Ralf Zacherl, Meta Hiltebrand, Nelson miller and Benno Ullrich are rising to the challenge of eight new episodes of the cooking show to compete against prominent amateur chefs. But which of the cooking giants can hold their own at the stove?

In each episode, three celebrity challengers bring their own favorite dish to put the professional to the test with the help of a cooking coach. This is because the professional only finds out about his dish to be cooked during the show.

In three courses, the professional must now demonstrate his skills against one of the celebrities. Who will ultimately score more points with the first-class jury with the appetizer, main course or dessert?

The last word in the fight for the cooking honor and the prize money for the good cause have again managers and epicures Reiner Calmund, star chef Maria Great as well as star sommelier Gerhard Retter.

The shows will continue to be hosted by Ruth Moschnerwho meanwhile charmingly takes the prominent hobby cooks into her (barbecue) pincers.

"Grill den Profi" is presented by ITV Studios Germany GmbH in the MMC Studios in Cologne produced.

Tickets for the cooking show are now on sale in advance at available.

Source: VOX Press

Photo: The logo of "Grill den Profi". © MG RTL D