June 22: Theatrical release of the MMC Movies co-production "Monsieur Pierre Goes Online" with Pierre Richard

Today, Stéphane Robelin's new comedy "Monsieur Pierre goes online" with Pierre Richard opens in German cinemas. Large parts of the German-French-Belgian co-production were shot at MMC Studios in Cologne, Germany

French cinema at its best succeeds Stéphane Robelin, the director of the hit movie "And if we all move in together?", with his new comedy of love and mistaken identity "Monsieur Pierre goes online"..

In the leading role, the incorrigible Pierre Richard ("The Tall Blonde with the Black Shoe") as a ravishing charmer and Cyrano of the dating community through half of Europe. Pierre Richard is joined in front of the camera by Yaniss Lespert and the young talents Fanny Valette and Anna Bederke.

Hair-sharp dialogues, which spread great laughter, and a wonderful ensemble, which the fun is to be seen, provide for a delightfully modern comedy of errors.

About the content:
Pierre (Pierre Richard) is a widower, a curmudgeon and hates change of any kind. Day in and day out, he reminisces about the good old days and grows rare mold cultures in the refrigerator.

To nudge the old man back into life, his daughter Sylvie sets him up with Alex, an unsuccessful writer and her daughter's friend. Alex is supposed to introduce Pierre to the fabulous world of the Internet.

The unaccustomed learning duo has a mighty hard time until Pierre stumbles across a dating portal, of all things. Thanks to the reassuring anonymity of the Internet, Pierre discovers himself to be a seducer and dates the young Flora - luckily he has Alex, who virtually offers to bear the consequences.

Alex, who is in dire financial straits, accepts Pierre's immoral but excellently paid offer and goes on a date in Pierre's place. The fact that Flora falls head over heels in love brings the situation into a certain skew.

Pierre is sure that his verbal seduction has awakened Flora's feelings. But Alex's kisses can't have been entirely innocent either. But above all, it is actually the two men who have been taken by storm by Flora, and are now finally in the same boat, only the captain question still needs to be settled...

For production:
The German-French-Belgian co-production was filmed in the in May and June 2016 at the MMC Studios in Cologne as well as at locations in Schleswig Holstein (Sylt), Belgium (Brussels) and France (Paris).

Monsieur Pierre goes online - The film set at MMC Studio 37 in Cologne. © MMC Studios / Guido Ohlenbostel
Monsieur Pierre goes online - The film set at MMC Studio 37 in Cologne. © MMC Studios / Guido Ohlenbostel

For the film Pierre's complete Paris apartment from the MMC Equipment at MMC Studio 37 built. All interior shots of the apartment were realized here.

"Monsieur Pierre goes online" is a production of Ici et Là Productions, Detailfilm, La Compagnie Cinématographique and Panache Productions in coproduction with Orange Studio, Schortcut Films, RTBF, Voo, Be TV, Gasmia Film, MMC Movies, The Post Republic and Chaussee Soundvision.

The film was supported by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, FFA, Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, DFFF, Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral de Belgique and Movie Tax Invest.

More information about the production from "Monsieur Pierre goes online" (aka "#Flora63):
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Neue Visionen Filmverleih is bringing "Monsieur Pierre Goes Online" to theaters nationwide starting today.

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Photo: Pajamas versus bathrobe: Monsieur Pierre (Pierre Richard) and Alex (Yaniss Lespert), the seducer and the beginner. © New Visions Film Distribution / Tom Trambow