"Nobody fools me!" - Dirk Steffens presents the ZDF knowledge show from the MMC Studios

In the knowledge show "Nobody's fooling me!" with Dirk Steffens on Thursday, April 20, 8:15 p.m., four celebrities prove that they "have all their senses together" in various quiz rounds and action games at the MMC Studios in Cologne.

The celebrity guests of the ZDF program are actors Hans Sigl, Moderator Linda Zervakis, actress Mirja Boes and sports commentator Marcel Reif.

In various rounds of the game, deceptions are presented that put all the candidates' senses to the test.

Quick buzzer and question rounds with multiple-choice answers alternate with larger experiments in which the celebrities also become active themselves. In addition to the activities in the MMC Studio 36 and the Coloneum Mall show amazing illusions from all over the world.

Behind each of the entertaining games, experiments and deceptions is a scientifically based explanation in which presenter and nature expert Dirk Steffens describes the phenomenon.

"Nobody fools me!" is a production of wave rider.tv, Cologne, for ZDF. MMC Studios are commissioned by wellenreiter.tv for the technical production responsible for the knowledge show.

The Stage and decoration construction in the 1,600 square meter MMC Studio 36 and in the Coloneum Mall as well as the Set design for the show were realized by the Art Department of MMC Studios.

From MMC's side, the production is supervised by Account Manager Susanne Knapp.

More information: www.zdf.de

Photo: Nobody fools me! - The show of the senses: host Dirk Steffens at MMC Studio 36 in Cologne. © ZDF / Sascha Baumann