Black humor in series: RTL shows "Nicht tot zu kriegen" with Jochen Busse starting March 9

Jochen Busse is back and that means one thing above all: a lot of trouble! As the grouchy mansion owner Helmut Kraft in "Nicht tot zu kriegen," he makes sure that life in the eagerly awaited dream house turns out to be a real test of nerves for two couples. Large parts of the black-humored sitcom were filmed at MMC Studios.

RTL will show the first season of "Nicht tot zu kriegen" with eight episodes every Thursday at 9:15 p.m. in double episodes starting March 09, 2017.

The main roles are played by actor and cabaret artist Jochen Busse ("The Office", "7 Days, 7 Heads") Caroline Frier ("All That Matters"), Tristan Seith ("In Jail"), Mathias Harrebye-Brandt ("The Peppercorns"), Amelie Plaas link ("...and then Paula", "The Teacher") and Grimme Award winner Petra Nadolny ("Switch Reloaded").

The sitcom is a production of the PRO TV production on behalf of RTL. The Filming found to 29 days in the Cologne MMC Studios and in a Villa in Ratingen took place. MMC was also responsible for the studio production on behalf of PRO TV. Decoration construction and the Lighting technology responsible.

About the content:
Helmut Kraft (Jochen Busse) has outlived them all - his wife, his few friends and finally his younger brother Paul. No one left who only wants his money and lives at his expense. But why does his 800-square-meter villa suddenly feel so empty?

No question, new housemates are needed - and the old man already knows how to do it! Helmut Kraft sells his property to two completely unsuspecting couples at a disproportionately low price - but with lifelong living rights in the attic for him.

And his plan works: His willing victims, no buyers, are the sisters Dagmar (Caroline Frier) and Nina (Amelie Plaas-Link) and their husbands Oliver (Tristan Seith) and Rasmus (Mathias Harrebye-Brandt). From now on, there is always something going on in the picturesque dream house!

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Photo: Helmut Kraft (Jochen Busse) knows how to defend himself against uninvited guests... © RTL / Frank Dicks