21.02.17, 20:15: ZDF presents "Karnevalissimo" from MMC Studio 36 in Cologne

On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, at 8:15 p.m., ZDF will launch "Karnevalissimo - Das Gipfeltreffen des Humors" into the peak phase of the foolish days.

The ZDF carnival show "Karnevalissimo" from MMC Studio 36 in Cologne is the modern version of the TV carnival. Mirja Boes and Marc Metzger skilfully guide the audience humorously through the program, which features carnival speakers, comedians and variety artists from all over Germany.

Carnivalissimo at MMC Studios
Carnivalissimo at the MMC Studios: The Hermes House Band gets the hall cooking. © ZDF/Frank W. Hempel

There will be lots of music, from traditional to rock. Ne Knallkopp, Frau Kühne, Eine Weinprinzessin, Markus Krebs, Ne Hausmann, Hermes House Band, Domstürmer, Münchner Zwietracht and the Universal Druckluft Orchester will be there.

It is directed by Pit Weyrich, produced by Thomas Adam and edited by Peter Walscheid.

MMC Studios, Cologne, are commissioned by ZDF for the technical production of "Karnevalissimo" responsible, as well as for the Decoration and stage construction, which is from the MMC Art Department was realized after a stage design by Rainer Otto.

On the MMC side, the carnival show will be overseen by Susanne Knapp, Account Manager of MMC Studios, and Theo Kings, Account Manager of the MMC Art Department.

More information: www.zdf.de

Photo: Karnevalissimo: Host duo Mirja Boes and Marc Metzger lead through the program with charm and humor. © ZDF/Frank W. Hempel