Kia Dealer Convention 2014 at MMC Studios in Cologne, Germany

INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe GmbH, a worldwide communication agency for Kia and Hyundai, has organized a groundbreaking dealer conference for Kia Motors Germany GmbH in cooperation with JOKE Event Inc. On January 23rd, 2014 the event took place at MMC Studios in Cologne according to the Kia brand slogan "The Power to Surprise".

A virtual Kia City, which was already hinted at in the pre-communication has suddenly become reality. Content and themes were embedded into the story and architecture of the medially created city at the MMC Studios and created an even more intensive brand experience.

A 180 degree projection took all participants on a discovery trip to Kia City. More than twenty different, partly animated and 3D-mapped panoramic images provided not only the framework for the speakers and their presentations, but also a medium for the messages. The projection technology with different contents, scenes, transitions and animations has not only created a special atmosphere, but also a permanent dynamism.

After having experienced the city from the outside the 500 guests (Kia dealers from all over Germany, company representatives and VIPs) experienced the individual "neighborhoods", corresponding to the respective topics. Story, messages, media and architecture fused to a surprising place of brand experience. The Kia City suddenly was no longer just virtual, but has become alive.

The first part of the dealer convention took place on MMC's stage 30/31 (27,000 sq ft).

After the lunch break at MMC's Coloneum Mall three parallel workshops were held on MMC's stage 30/31, on MMC's stage 33 (6,200 sq ft) and at MMC's conference hall (North Foyer, 6,500 sq ft).

In the late afternoon the second part of the dealer convention started on MMC's stage 30/31. Following the convention this location was prepared for the festive evening event.

On behalf of JOKE Event, MMC Studios provided the location, the lighting and the P.A for the Kia dealer convention. In addition MMC's art department was in charge of the event construction. The catering was provided by Lemonpie Event-Catering.

Click here to watch a video of the Kia Germany Dealer Convention at MMC Studios:

Photo: Preparation of the evening event on MMC's stage 30/31. © lemonpie / Leifhelm